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Quilt Pieces Log Cabin Earrings

Attention quilt lovers: I found these beautiful quilt piece beads at the Tucson Bead Show in February. It's a combination of my two favorite arts, quilting and jewerly making.

Available for $42, shipped.

The mini tourquoise, brown, amber quilt piece beads are 1/2" wide.




2015 has been a big year of changes for us here at Sandy Point Resort. For the first time in 18 years we, Michele and Mike, have stayed on property through the fall season. It has been an unseasonably warm autumn and we are grateful that nature has allowed us this transition time.

Our daughter, Camille, graduated from Sabino High School in Tucson, AZ last May and with her sister, Willow, in her third year at UW-Madison, we decided to sell our Tucson home and reside full time at Sandy Point. It was by no means an impromptu decision. We had planned to do this for several years. It's just that we didn't expect the time to go by so quickly. Who ever does?

With the big move behind us, we still remain mired in the task of unpacking, remodeling and redecorating, trying to make our home here both accommodating and comfortable. Life and business keep getting in the way and it's taking a lot longer than we had hoped. But from what we remember about our first five years here in the woods as full time residents, winters are long. It's good to have projects.




Change in Policy

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: There will be a 3% convenience fee charged to all guests who wish to pay for the balance of cabin accommodations with a credit card. This does not apply to telephone reservation deposits, retail (pro shop) sales or motor rentals. 




Headless Bear in the Big House

Who stole the bear head from the cookie jar?


It was a question we asked one Saturday in July when during our weekly cabin turnover we discovered the head of our bear cookie jar, a fixture in this cabin since it was built in 2000, was missing.

The cookie jar had been a gift from our sister-in-law, Sue Cozzens, who gave us a whole collection of fun, Northwood’s tchotchkes and decorations shortly after we purchased Sandy Point Resort some 20 years ago. I think Eddie Bauer had a popular lodge look line at the time and she took full advantage of it. Since she and her family regularly stayed in The Big House, we thought the bear cookie jar should live there.

And live there it did for 12 years.

We’re not sure how long it took us to notice the head was gone, so we can’t pinpoint which renters were responsible. We do know, however, that the cookie jar was in tact during spring-cleaning—so it had only been a matter of weeks.

Alas, none of our guests came clean. There was no note, no apology, and no attempt to replace the head of our cookie jar bear, which we assume was somehow broken. There wasn't even a ransom note!





Items get broken every week. Drinking glasses, coffee cups, wine glasses, plates—you name it—if it’s in the cabin used by renters it’s subject to damage/breakage. It’s the nature of the business and we accept this. And nearly every week we find notes from guests informing us of a broken glass or whatever.

But the bear head remains a mystery. And the body of the cookie jar will remain headless forever. We did manage to find a replacement bear cookie jar for The Big House. This one is far kitschier than the first, and he appears to be feeding on fish rather than cookies.

We can only hope future guests don’t use it to store fish guts.  

(I wish I could say I was joking).









The Beach


We're called "Sandy Point" for a reason. It's all about the beach. We take pride in offering our guests one of the best beaches in the Northwoods and throughout the summer season, we maintain and groom it on a daily basis. With over 500 ft. of shoreline, we have lots of grassy picnic and recreational space, as well as a lakeside sand volleyball court, and plenty of space for the little ones to build sand castles and other creations.

The sandy bottom around our docks and to the swim rafts (and RAVE trampoline) makes for a fantasic swimming area. The lakefront also includes picnic tables/chairs and a wooden tree swing, along with a firepit, a screened-in gazebo, and a screened-in fish-cleaning house with electricity.




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