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Six Letter Word for Resort Operation

crossword.jpgMerle Reagle’s crossword puzzle today offered the following clue for 46 DOWN: “Classic Beatles song on Revolver.” Can you name it? Can you?

Here’s a hint: It’s six letters, begins with a TAX and ends with a MAN.

I work a crossword puzzle nearly everyday, but Reagle’s, which comes in the Arizona Daily Star every Thursday, is always my favorite. It’s not five-star difficult like the NY Times puzzle can sometimes be and it’s not three-star fodder like the daily in USA Today. It’s baby bear’s just right porridge, just the right amount of brain stimulation to start my day. It’s every bit as good as a latte with chocolate sprinkles on top!

Today, however, it served as a reminder. With nearly 140 clues, there’s bound to be at least one that has a coincidental relevance to my daily life—business or personal—but I like to think the crosswords speak to me personally. So, after filling in the letters for “TAXMAN,” I went to my office and grabbed my property tax bills and my checkbook. They’re due on January 31, two days from now, which should give the US Postal service enough time to get my payment from the Southwest Desert to the great Northwoods, especially if one considers the five-day grace period. Gee, I hope there’s not an ice storm planning to hold things up.

Thanks to all of you who sent in your summer deposits. You made it possible for us to keep this resort going . . . at least until July.




Think Summer

Now is the time to make plans for your summer vacation. When you look out your window right now, I know it's hard to imagine green grass and warm blue waves lapping a sandy shore. So have a look at this photo, then close your eyes and imagine the kids' squeals of delight as they plunge into the waters of Squaw Lake. Break out your calendar and compare it with our availability. Rent a cabin at Sandy Point this summer. You WON'T be disappointed.




Now is Your Chance!

cincomail.jpgLike many of the finest family-owned resorts in the Northwoods, Sandy Point books a majority of its accommodations a year in advance of the prime summer weeks (June, July, August). The summer of 2009 was no exception and if you check our availability calendar you’ll see two things: 1. Some weeks are fully booked by our faithful, long-term guests; 2. WE HAVE OPENINGS.

I must admit I was worried about whether or not the January deposits would show up in our mailbox. Since the New Year, each day when I heard the familiar squeak of Joe-the-mail-carrier’s delivery jeep, I called Cinco, and together we tiptoed to the mailbox to look for those treasured envelopes addressed to the Sandy Point Southwest Office. They were few and far in-between. Instead, it was my email inbox that carried cancellation message after cancellation message. This economy has had a brutal trickle-down effect on a lot of people and summer vacation plans have had to take a back seat for many. Happily we can still offer an affordable way to spend a relaxing week at the lake.

Some of these cancellations filled immediately, which brought in the deposits we so urgently need at this time of year.  Do all Wisconsin property owners have a tax payment due on January 31? But for those of you who have been patiently awaiting your opportunity to spend at week at this beautiful Northwoods resort, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE.

Call us today to book your summer vacation. 888-588-3233




What's the Weather in Wisconsin?

therm.jpgSent today from Melissa Pecunia, a Sandy Point regular and dear friend, to illustrate the frrrrrrrrrrrreeeezing temperature in Wisconsin this morning. It's actually BELOW freezing — make that -20° — and that doesn't account for the windchill factor bringing it to -40°!

So for every person who calls the resort and asks me "what''s the weather in Wisconsin?" I now refer to this photo. Would you like to know what it's like in Tucson?


I didn't think so. 




Reservation Deposit Deadline
















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