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Big Jim

iconjim.jpgMeet Big Jim. He's a chainsaw-carved bear standing 4-foot, 7-inches and weighing, uh, a lot! Jim started working for us three years ago, and stands on the porch of our shop, greeting all who enter with a gnarly smile. We met him at the annual Spring Arts and Crafts fair at Torpy Park in Minocqua and couldn't take our eyes off him all weekend.

His creator is a woman named Dee, who lives just west of us near Squaw Creek. We've known Dee since we moved to the Northwoods, having first met her when she ran a coffee stand outside of Trig's Supermarket. This was long before Starbucks (which we still don't have in the Northwoods) became a household name. What I loved about Dee, aside from her always warm smile and tremendous laugh, was that she had a "word of the day" calendar on her coffee cart. Word freak that I've always been, I couldn't wait to accept the challenge of testing my vocabulary. I specifcally remember the word "subterfuge," and it brought me back to a boss I had in Berkeley that accused her employees of engaging in "subterfuge and gossip."

We were in town a lot the year Willow was born, going back and forth to Marshfield Clinic. Dee monitored my entire pregancy and now always looks forward to checking on Willow's growth progress when we see her each year at Torpy Park.

By the way, chainsaw carving is a craft that just came to Dee one day when she picked up a saw and starting creating amazing sculptures: Bears, Turtles, Frogs, Eagles, Acorns . . . truly definitive of Northwoods' icon material. Why does she do it? "Winters up here are really long."


A Musky Named George



 GEORGE: 36 pounds, 51 inches

Call it a Fishtale, but this musky, affectionately known as "George," has a story. He was caught in the root beer waters of Squaw lake on October 8, 1970 by Robert A. Wilson. Mr. Wilson and his family had been coming to Squaw Lake and Sandy Point Resort since the 1930s. When we took over in 1993, we were just one more new owner in a long string of caretakers of this special place. We had the privilege of his company during our first couple years here but he passed away. The next summer, his widow and his son, Mike, asked if they could "bring George home." They bestowed George upon us and we were delighted to display him, along with Mr. Wilson's photo and George's stats. He has found a home in our pro shop, just above the front door. Each spring when the Wilson family, Robert's son, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, come to continue the fishing tradition (they're looking for George's wife, "Georgette"), they salute old George and fondly remember the man who captured him.

Sadly, Robert's son, Mike, a dear friend to Sandy Point, passed away over the winter. He will be sorely missed. But now each time we look at George, we'll also be thinking of Mike.


Vintage Coke Machine

iconcoke.jpgToday we begin a tour of some of your favorite Sandy Point icons--the things you expect to see when you arrive, and remember when you leave.

Probably our most popular feature is the first thing you see when you pull up to our pro shop / office. It's our vintage Coke machine. A constant source of maintenance for us is a constant pleasure for all our guests. There's nothing like an ice cold Coke right out of the bottle. Kids start jingling their quarters about half-way down Sandy Point Lane, ready to insert them into the slot, wait for the "Have a COKE" like to turn on, and then pull the bottle.

This machine was in the basement of our house when we first moved to Sandy Point in the winter of 1993. The previous owners told us they didn't want it because "it didn't work." Mike quickly put his electrical skills to use and we had an operating machine. Next it was a matter of getting the right coin changer, which we once again had to replace in May. One of our disc golfers supplied a new one and a spare, and to keep up with the rising costs of the Coca-Cola Distributers out of Rhinelander, we were able to raise the price from 75¢ to $1.00 in order to try and cover our costs. 

As always, we can hardly keep it filled! 


Rave Reviews!

rave.jpgAs we inch toward the summer solstice under mostly cloudy skies and temperatures that don't want to climb past the 60s, today was certainly the nicest day we've had at Sandy Point Resort this season. It was great to see the beach filled with children and their parents.

One group had a memorable experience when our RAVE trampoline swim raft broke loose from its anchor, and the kids atop floated off into the Squaw Lake horizon. They were easily rescued and the trampoline was brought to shore. It stayed there for about 24 hours and was never still.

Shown above is Willow and her friends, Andrew in the center and happily airborne, and Zac, taking advantage of every ray of sunshine. We're all ready to bounce into summer!


Sandy Point's Shop Doubles in Size

We've seen a lot of jaws drop in the past week since the grand opening of our newly expanded shop at Sandy Point Resort. It happened in record time and we couldn't be happier with the results. We now have the front part of the shop dedicated almost completely to our disc golfers, where enthusiasts will find the largest and most diverse selection of Innova Champion discs in the region. We also carry golf bags, towels and a variety of items to enhance your disc golfing experience.

The back room is for all of you who come to the shop seeking unique jewelry. Dream Life Designs have never looked more beautiful. Always wholesale prices to the public, if you're looking for a statement piece or something casual, you'll find it at the shop at Sandy Point Resort.

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