Mom's Birch Bark Factory

I didn't bring my jewelry-making supplies with me to Sandy Point this summer. The plan was to use all my creative energy to continue writing a new novel, "Irish Twins." I was on a roll just prior to my return to Wisconsin and had high hopes for completing the manuscript with the serene beauty of the Northwoods as my office.

Unfortunately, I got side-tracked.

birchfactory.jpgOur SHOP website, experienced a fatal blow when our webmaster simply gave up trying to make it work. He walked off the job, taking our development fees and all my hours of work uploading some 200 products with him. The short story is we had to pay someone an equal amount of money and I had to reconfigure and upload every product. One. At. A. Time. The new webmaster told us it would take 12 days on his end. I stopped counting actual days at 30 and that was about two weeks ago.


Don't you hate it when people tell you what they think you want to hear rather than the truth? As of this moment, we are still not officially LIVE.

switchplate1.jpgMeanwhile, creative as some of the product photography was, my creative ambitions would not rest. I couldn't focus enough to write fiction, but I could definitely strip several dead birch trees of their skin and then cut and hammer and sew.

I've already made enough six and eight inch birch bark canoe ornaments to fill a small Christmas tree and, tired of the pattern, moved on to making switch plate covers. I haven't made them for years--not since we outfitted our master suite with them (brightening the dark paneling). I also have a couple on display in the shop.

Soon they will be available for sale not only in our bricks and mortar shop at Sandy Point, but on our website. I can only hope that all this stripping, cutting and hammering--not to mention yammering--hasn't been in vain.









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