Pet Agreement

Sandy Point Resort and Disc Golf Ranch and Lakeview Lodge allow dogs in resort cabins per designation and personal arrangement with the management during the "shoulder seasons." The charge is $20/day or $60/week. We do not allow cats, birds or other exotics. Please do not ask us to make exceptions. DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON PROPERTY DURING THE NORTHWOODS OPEN TOURNAMENT, held each Labor Day weekend or the TEAM TOURNAMENT. The size, number and breed of dogs may be restricted at the discretion of management. If you would like to bring your dog, it must be arranged IN ADVANCE of your arrival, and in conjunction with your reservation. All dog reservations must be confirmed in writing. A refundable $100 cleaning/damage deposit, payable by separate check only at reservation is also required. Guests who bring dogs without written advanced confirmation will be fined $150. If a dog is discovered on property during guest stay, guests will be asked to leave at once and cabin rentals fees will not be refunded. With this invitation, we expect you to respect the following considerations for the property and our other guests. Failure to comply will result in the loss of your deposit. The decision to keep a cleaning/damage deposit is solely at the discretion of the property owners/caretakers as advised by the housekeeping staff.




X _______ Dogs must be managed at all times. Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs in their cabin and the common areas of the resort. At NO TIME is the dog allowed outside of the cabin without being accompanied by the owner and pet MUST be on a leash.


X _____ You are not to leave your dog in your cabin unattended while you are not on resort property. If you need to leave the resort for any reason, you are to take your dog with you. Failure to do so could result in a breach of this agreement.


X _____ If we receive any noise complaints about your dog, you will receive notice advising you to keep your dog under control. If we receive a second complaint, you will be asked to remove your dog from the resort property.

_____ Dogs are not allowed on the furniture and particularly the beds. We prefer dogs to be kenneled at night. If your dog regularly sleeps with you, Sandy Point is not the place for you to bring him/her. ANY evidence of dog hair on furniture or bedding will result in forfieture of deposit.

Please treat your cabin, other guests and the resort property with the same care as you would your permanent home. Any damage to the cabin or property--or ANY evidence of your pet (i.e. dog waste/shedding/scratch marks) will result in loss of cleaning/damage deposit. Vacuums, brooms and handi-vacs are available in the cabins.


Please provide the following information about your pet:

Dog's name:_______________________________________________   Breed: _________________________________________________

Weight: ___________________                        Age: ___________________                           Dog Deposit check #: _________________

Acknowledgement and agreement of the above pet policy:

________________________________________________________________    _______________________________________


________________________________________________________________    _______________________________________

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