Clean Your Fish Here

fishhouse.jpgThis is our vintage Fish Cleaning House, located on the Sandy Point shore of Squaw Lake and just next to the input creek known to us as "Cozzens' Creek." We can usually get a read on how the fish are biting each week by the amount of fish guts left behind in the disposal bins.

This brings up two issues. Recently we had more guts stored in this building than anyone of us (Mike, Michele or Stu, the guy who actually cleans it each week), has experienced in our tenure. Normally that would be good news. But the problem is, the guts came from fish NOT caught in this lake.

People! It's just bad form to bring fish caught in someone else's lake and leave the guts for us to clean up.iconfishhouse.jpg

Secondly: We have a sign hung in each cabin asking guests to only use the fish cleaning house for cleaning fish. In other words, don't clean fish in our cabins. I don't think anyone wants to hear about the amount of fish scales I had to clean out of the drains, sink bins, cabinets and drawers this week, but trust me, it wasn't pretty. It led me to make additional fluorescent signs for each cabin reading "DO NOT CLEAN FISH IN CABIN." I didn't even type the word "please." The only scales I want to deal with are scales on the piano.

Meanwhile, here it sits on the shorline, waiting for you to enter with your catch. This cute, A-roofed cleaning house is screen-in, and has everything you need to filet your fresh fish--as long as you BYOK (Bring Your Own Knife.) And remember, if it ain't caught near, don't clean here. 





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