The Earth Closet


outhouse.jpgAn outhouse, also known as a netty, privy, dunny, thunderbox, kybo, biffy, jakes or jacks, longdrop, Johnny-on-the-spot, one-holer, two-holer (for the more affluent and effluent), $hit house or earth-closet, usually refers to a type of toilet in a small structure separate from the main building, which does not have a flush or sewer attached.

The term outhouse originally referred to an outbuilding, or any small structure away from a main building. for a variety of purposes, but mainly for activities not wanted in the main house.

The five original cabins at Sandy Point Resort didn’t have indoor plumbing. Instead, each had its own outhouse. Where our current garage and pro shop stand today, was a “wash house,” where guests went to shower. The outhouse featured here is not one of the originals, but rather, is one we built about five years ago to help “glamorize” the experience of using an outhouse. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve witnessed people’s refusal to use an outhouse. Even though it’s always clean, offers 2-ply toilet paper, hand sanitizer, a modern toilet seat, and even a quaint crescent moon window, some would rather walk around the disc golf course with full kidneys rather than subject themselves to an outhouse. I think you haven’t truly experienced the Northwoods if you haven’t used an “earth closet.”




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