Baby-sitting Service

(Thursday, 31 July 2008) by Michele Cozzens

Last summer, the parents of the adorable children pictured here asked if Willow and Camille would be willing to baby-sit for them so they could have a nice dinner out. We agreed to let this happen and acted as backup if necessary, as we would for any of our neighbors. It worked out so well, they asked the girls to baby-sit a second night. This led Willow and Camille to establish an official baby-sitting service this summer and they placed fliers in the cabins announcing their business. Baby-sitting is in addition to their regular Wednesday night lemonade stand and it has been a nice little entrepreneurial business for our daughters. Pictured here are Willow and Camille with Elissa and Kyle, one year later in the Big House--just as adorable.

One of the best things about being at Sandy Point is watching all our children grow up summer after summer. Often when our regular guests pull up to the the office to register, I have to sit down when I see the kids, many of whom suddenly tower over me. And each May when we return to Wisconsin we head to the "growth wall" to measure our girls. I wonder, what family doesn't have a wall somewhere in the house where they measure the growth (or IQ???) of family members? Both Willow and Camille grew three inches from May, 2007 to May, 2008 and have both already grown an inch since we first measured this summer. (I had to cheat and check their measurements the other day because when I woke up one morning, they both seemed to have stretched over night).

It must be all the fresh air and lake water . . .


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