They're Real. And They're Spectacular

(Sunday, 10 August 2008) by Michele Cozzens


Time for some UPLIFTING news . . .

Each summer when we face a new season at Sandy Point, our little family gathers as a team. We put our hands together and declare that what's ahead of us will be "the BEST summer ever!"

I'm afraid this summer didn't qualify. It hasn't even come close to being the BEST.

It began with the unexpected death of a friend just four days before my arrival, included Camille's broken arm, the open heart surgery of a very close friend's son (he's doing very well); a motorcycle accident that has put my favorite cousin in a coma for the past six weeks (she's not doing very well, I'm afraid); the microburst storm that tore apart our lakefront; and then I learned of another death of a lovely woman in our Tucson community. During a few lower points of sadness I start to wonder if I have a sign on my back that reads: "HIT ME AGAIN." And I didn't even mention the lousy economy, the price of gas or the creepy stalker posting crap about me and my first novel on the Internet . . . considering all we've endured, that jerk was just like one more mosquito.

So here we go again. 

Many of you have seen and commented upon our YouTube video of how we attempted to save the birch trees on our shoreline, which were nearly leveled after the storm. That's where the uplifting news began. (BTW: The trees are STILL ALIVE.) Photographed here in what is probably not your mother's bra, is the cover of my new novel—JUST RELEASED—and available for your reading pleasure.

It's Not Your Mother's Bridge Club is about a group of women who play the dice game BUNKO. I wanted to use the word BUNKO in the title, but the World Bunco Association wanted 50% of the royalties for that "privledge," so the short story there is, I changed the title.

You can order the book through, my publisher's website; or if you'd like an autographed copy, visit the shop on our website at

If you enjoy it, let me know, because I'd sure like to start a string of uplifting news coming my way. Meanwhile, as my kids get ready to leave me for the summer and go off to school (they've already missed the first two days), we're all putting our hands together and saying: "BEST school year ever!" 



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