It Just Ain't The Same

(Tuesday, 09 September 2008) by Michele Cozzens

dsc05545.jpgAnd so another summer season at Sandy Point comes to an end. Mike was on property to host the Northwoods Open over Labor Day weekend and stayed through the next weekend to help tend to a full house. Now he's back in Tucson with the kids and me, leaving behind the cabin-cleaning and pro shop-tending, and shifting focus to the carpool-driving and sports-spectating. Our girls, by the way, will bring home interim grading tomorrow. The first quarter of sixth and eighth grades is FLYING by.

We all leave behind Sandy Point with memories of the birch and pine and the beautiful reflections of Squaw Lake. What we have instead here in Tucson is a Caribbean blue swimming pool along with palm trees and cacti. It has its own beauty, of course, but it just ain't the same. 

The good news is my feet look better here in the Valley of the Dolls than they do in the wilds of the Northwoods. 





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