The Dingo Got My Baby!

(Friday, 12 September 2008) by Michele Cozzens

cinco1.jpgI'm recovering from a tremendous scare. We had just returned home from a volleyball game and dropping the girls at piano. I went into my office to check email and heard our little chihuahua, Cinco, bark. In another second there were high-pitched, panicked SCREAMS. I popped out of my chair and wrestled with the door leading from my office to our yard. (The deadbolt was released but the handle lock was slippery and I was acting too quickly.) I got the door open, went outside and saw a coyote IN OUR BACKYARD with Cinco in its mouth!

Talk about animal instincts. Mine kicked in immediately. I screamed and ran toward them waving my arms and yelling “No! No! Get out of here! Get out!” The coyote tried to scale the wall with Cinco in its mouth, and as I continued screaming and got closer to them, this #@$*&! dropped her, bolted across the playground and climbed the wall, returning to the undeveloped desert surrounding our home. Cinco scurried to the opposite end of the yard.

She was not injured as far as we could tell. No cuts. No blood. But OMG the SMELL!!!! The saliva all over her was one of the foulest things I've ever smelt.

She had an immediate bath. I had a glass of wine. Actually, I think she recovered more quickly than I.

Shortly after it happened I contacted my girlfriend, Jeanine, a former college roommate and a ‘would-be’ wildlife biologist in another life, and related the above. She said coyotes not only carry away small dogs or critters, they will lead away larger dogs by using just one from the pack . . . and then the pack descends. Not a pretty Circle of Life.  She also said, “wildlife will succeed despite our moving into their places.”

Yes, I’m quite sure the coyotes roamed this desert territory long before we came with our little domesticated dogs.

Jeanine lives in rural Colorado. She said a couple of years ago in Elbert, a guy went outside and saw a mountain lion near his dog pen, which contained a lab and a puppy. He went in to get his gun and when he came back the puppy was gone.  She related another story that happened recently near Denver. A couple was sleeping and their Lab was in their bedroom. The dog was taken by a lion and killed. She said the Division of Wildlife confirmed it was a lion that killed the dog and, in fact, used the dog's body to lure the lion back so it could be killed. (It was).
“You may need to install a large wire kennel or other dog walk with a top so Cinco can safely be in the yard without you,” said Jeanine. “Poor girl,” she added, “she probably needed a glass of wine too.”

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