Get Your Groove On!

(Friday, 06 February 2009) by Michele Cozzens

trio2.jpgLast summer we asked friends and fans of Sandy Point Resort to get their LOON on! Our 2008 t-shirt features our most popular disc golf hotstamp, which was created by Randy Shukar, and the shirt design, oddly enough, came to me in a dream.

The hotstamp on the front was something I'd wanted to do for a while, but then our good friend JAKE-O came to me in a dream one night and said the words in his extra-low, DJ voice: "Get Your LOON On!" He followed this statement with a Yul Brynner laugh. I woke up with a smile and an idea.


You can still get your Loon On by clicking HERE.


d63f_1.jpg Now, here we are in the middle of winter and we want you to get something else on: Your GROOVE!

Mike has just received a shipment of the hottest new golf disc from Innova-Champion. It's a Speed 13 driver meant especially for beginner and intermediate golfers and it's called, you guessed it, the GROOVE.

Featuring an innovative groove in the rim, it enables slower arms to achieve greater speed and distance. So far, they are FLYING out of here. Don't miss out on these first run discs. Check out Mike's ebay listings by clicking HERE.

You'll be feeling groovy out on the disc golf course in no time! 




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