Open During Construction

(Saturday, 30 May 2009) by Michele Cozzens

Project Managers of the Hwy. 70 construction project, employees of the Wisconsin D.O.T., paid us a personal visit today in response to the phone message Mike left asking how long Hwy. 70 would be closed to Thru Traffic. It was good of them to visit because we have a legitimate gripe. Our business is, more-or-less, inaccessible. Currently, the detour takes motorists so far out of the way to get to our resort and disc golf course, they may as well plan to spend the day at Mall of America in Minneapolis.

Thank goodness, many of the locals know the backroads and traffic picked up a little today on the disc golf course.

Here's what the D.O.T. field managers told us today: "It will be another two weeks before Hwy. 70 is open past Cty. Hwy. D and the detour will be in place until Fourth of July. That is, of course, only if the contractors meet their deadline. They may not finish in time and opt to take on the penalty. We have no way of knowing."

Not much comfort for a Mom and Pop operation like us.

We have an extremely limited number of weeks—14—to make our income for the year. When the D.O.T. makes our business impossible to access, that doesn't bode much hope for the bottom line. They claimed they contacted all the businesses along Hwy. 70 to give them ample warning to make detour signs and contact their customers. We, however, weren't contacted. The representatives admitted they failed to consider the idea of businesses exisiting North and South of the road. . . .     (Duh). "We'll know better next time," they said.

Next time being 15 years from now when a new road project occurs? Anyone want to place a bet that these two employees will still be working for the government D.O.T?

Nevertheless, there is a viable detour, for which it was suggested we supply our own signage. We'll do it; however, in case you actually check this blog or even the front page of our website, here are the details:


From Minocqua, head north on Hwy. 51 to Hwy. 47 toward Lac du Flambeau.

Just before you reach downtown (the casino) turn south on Cty. D. Just outside of town, take a right on "Indian Village Rd." 

Take it to Chaquamegon Forest and make a left. It will turn into Mitten Lake Road. Mitten Lake Rd. dead-ends at Hwy. 70.

Make a right (west) and go about a block. You'll immediately see our freshly painted ROAD ARROWS, pointing you left on East Squaw Lake Road. From there go 3/4 mile and you'll see our sign at the corner of East Squaw and North Squaw, pointing you down Sandy Point Lane.

Eureka, you have found us. Five bucks for all day play of a World class, 27-hole disc golf course, including the use of our golf discs. Also, jewelry and books by Michele Cozzens.




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