False Summer’s First Sunflower

(Sunday, 19 July 2009) by Michele Cozzens


We haven’t seen the sun in four—count them 1, 2, 3, 4 days. And now, appropriately on SUNday, at last we have been graced by the light and warmth of this all-powerful orb. The sun makes an amazing difference in the life of a resort owner.

Last week with all its drab gray skies and low temps, our guests were mostly cabin bound. Each day as we ran through the beach area, it was foggy and serene . . . and deserted. We’re not sure what everyone was doing—no one came to rent a single movie or even put quarters in our famous Coke machine. From the unbelievable trash load we hauled away from the cabins, they were definitely consuming. And several were consuming an awfully large number of download megabytes, maxing out our satellite service and rendering us inoperable every other day.

I ask, how can one run a business—especially an ebay business—without the Internet?




Which brings me back to focusing on the simpler things, like Mother Nature. In spite of the weather, I enjoyed every minute of my time outside. Not only do I have the opportunity to run with my husband on our beautiful disc golf course, I’m working with our daughters (Willow with soccer and Camille with volleyball) to get and/or keep them in shape for their upcoming seasons. I also have the opportunity to walk through my False Sunflower garden each time I step out the front door.

These prolific yellow flowers are typically mid summer bloomers, but without much sun to rise up to, they’ve been holding tight inside their buds. Until one day, just last week, POP! Hello first False Sunflower of the Season.

Now I wonder if we’ll have a real summer from this day forward. Soccer and volleyball are fun, but we miss swimming and skiing.



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