Watching the Kids Grow Up

(Wednesday, 29 July 2009) by Michele Cozzens



My favorite thing about running Sandy Point Resort? Watching the kids grow up.

We are so fortunate to have many, many families return year after year. We've had generations come through this place and have had the delightful pleasure of watching children grow as well as the heartbreak of having grandparents pass on.


Each spring when we return to the Northwoods, one of the first things we do is mark the height of Willow and Camille on our wall.

You know that wall . . . the one with all the family's growth records.

We are always amazed to see at least three inches of winter growth (and equally dismayed at our relative osteoporosis downsizing).




And while we marvel at the growth of the kids checking in each Saturday, our guests are equally amazed at the changes in our own daughters. Many, in fact, remember the summer I was pregnant with Camille--who arrived smack dab in the middle of 1997 (July 15).

I can't help but remember the summer of her birth and what it was like making bunk beds with an extra 30 pounds of tummy.

Featured in our photos today are Lily from Appleton and Autumn and Amber from East Troy, all of whom we've known since birth. What wonderful childhood memories they'll have from their summers at Sandy Point.

And we, of course, will never forget them.





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