Wait Five Minutes for the Weather

(Monday, 03 August 2009) by Michele Cozzens


There’s a saying here in the Northwoods that has never been more relevant than the summer of 2009: “If you don’t like the weather in Wisconsin, wait five minutes.”

For the past two weeks we’ve experienced a constantly changing weather scenario nearly every day: Sunny one moment, raining the next.

July has gone on record the coldest in decades. August appeared to be starting out with more of the same with a cold rainy, Saturday, August 1 turnover day. Today, however, according to local meteorologist, Luke Sampe, it actually reached 80° for the first time in 23 days.

My advice to vacationers heading North for their annual vacations remains the same: “Bring your sweatshirt, bring your swimsuit.”

Meanwhile, in our 17 years of experience here at Sandy Point Resort, June, July and August are all interchangeable when it comes to weather. The one difference we’ve noticed this summer is that the mosquitoes are finally making their nasty appearance known. Usually they peak at the Fourth of July. Not true of 2009. They’re peaking right now.

So, to that we say, bring your sweatshirt, your swimsuit, AND bring a bottle of DEET.






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