Hwy. 70 Construction Update

(Friday, 14 August 2009) by Michele Cozzens


Don't be afraid to take Hwy. 70 West of Minocqua. The major road construction project that has been clogging up traffic flow for most of the summer is nearly 100% complete and a fresh new surface is ready and waiting for your wheels. There's still a minor amount of shoulder work happening, but it causes only brief delays in maybe a spot or two.

There is a new project in Oneida county, east of Sandy Point and west of Minocqua, where they are rebuiding two bridges. This area is set off by stop lights and you are guaranted a brief wait for single-lane traffic flow. But I promise, it's only a very short stop.

roadarrows.jpgNow that the majority of the project is behind us, we can relax and enjoy the new, slick surface and stop cursing the D.O.T. for its poor planning and the resulting drop in our June revenues.

Hopefully next time the unthinking project managers will consider their timing and its affects on seasonal businesses. And at the very least, they'll remember that business exist not only ON Hwy. 70, but north and south of it as well. Our message to them is: READ THE ROAD ARROWS!



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