Fifteen Beds. One Woman.

(Tuesday, 25 August 2009) by Michele Cozzens













Twins named Rob and Laura; a double sleigh; one woman’s California King, a kid’s queen and a Hilltop Queen with her double and bottom bunk ladies in waiting. They were followed by the Stickeen Queen, double and the harder of two bunks, the top; and finally, an Aerie top bunk, bottom bunk, queen and full house.

Yesterday I bed-hopped, making fifteen beds in all. And it wasn’t even a Saturday. This, I believe, makes me the undisputed bed-making queen of Sandy Point Resort. I Rock! I also roll and give great hospital corners. I fold my top sheets exactly 13-inches and make sure my dust ruffles are in tact. I spotted and treated unsightly stains and made sure everything was crisp and inviting.

Today’s agenda? Kitchens!




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