Sandy Point is NOT for Sale

(Sunday, 15 May 2011) by Michele Cozzens

There’s a nice piece of lakefront property for sale just down the road from Sandy Point Resort. A cute 3BR lake home sits on 6.9 acres and has nearly 200 ft. of frontage. It’s available for what we think is a song, $229,000.




If I had an extra quarter million, I’d buy it. Offered by Remax, Click HERE for the listing information:

We discovered this property was for sale when we got a call telling us there was a FOR SALE sign in front of the Sandy Point Resort sign. I understand why the realtor placed her sign where she did. (She’s not the first Minocqua-based realtor to stick signs by our sign). This woman was, no doubt, trying to capitalize on the visibility of this corner, East Squaw Lake Rd. and North Squaw Lake Lane. Clearly, however, it didn’t occur to her to ask for permission to place the sign on our property. Nor did it occur to her that passers by might think the resort was for sale rather than the little green lake house down the lane.



And then again, maybe that’s exactly what she was thinking. I know enough about realtors to know they simply want their phones to ring.  It’s their way of getting their foot in the door of the next possible listing/client. That's why so many newspaper ads listing properties for sale don't include the price.

Well, we don’t want our phone ringing and having people asking us how much we expect to get for our sizable chunk of Northwoods heaven. We’re not ready to put a price tag on it and won't be any time soon.

So, to anyone who thought for even five minutes that we are selling Sandy Point . . . not true. This economy hasn’t driven us out of business just yet.


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