Morning Before the Solstice

(Tuesday, 19 June 2007) by Michele Cozzens

It’s usually the birds that wake me up each morning at dawn, which is getting earlier each day as we approach the solstice. But this morning I awoke when it was still pitch black and the world outside my bedroom loft was still. I have no explanation other than the stroke of luck it was for me to arise, look out the window, and see a blanket of stars covering the sky. It looked just like the blue goldstone pendant I used to make a necklace in the shop just hours before.

I climbed back in my thousand thread-count sheets, the top sheet heavy as a blanket, and snoozed peacefully until 6:45. The temperature has dropped from the hot, humid days of last week and I’m wearing a sweater for the first time in two weeks. It’s a calm day at the resort—midweek—when guests are fully acclimated and into their routines of morning walks, coffee on the dock or quick trips to town to catch up on e-mail or feed their Internet addictions. We have wireless service available on our front porch, but few actually take advantage of it.

The girls and I have just returned from our daily walk to the mailbox and back. I walk. They ride circles around me on their bicycles. Cinco, our chihuahua, runs circles around all of us, her short little legs moving as fast as hummingbird wings. No good mail today--only a bill from the state for our business license. Better go write the check. It’s a $75 fine if it’s late.

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