Katie is Here!

(Friday, 24 June 2005) by Michele Cozzens

Katie is Here! Katie is Here!
Willow and Camille awoke early this morning, June 25, eagerly anticipating their friend’s visit. They dressed alike in long, denim shorts, and matching sweaters, and braided one another’s hair. Gathering their knitting projects and a DVD or two for the drive to Wausau, they hopped in the backseat of Daddy’s shopping mobile and headed south. Wausau, the home of Sam’s Club, Menard’s and Fleet Farm—the Big Three—is also the half-way point between Sandy Point and Madison.

Katie lives in Madison. She is the oldest of too many siblings to count—all boys—and her family has been vacationing at Sandy Point every summer since she had only two brothers. This year, unfortunately Katie’s family couldn’t make it. Her dad got a new job and a vacation up North wasn’t in the cards.

Breaking this terrible news to my daughters on a winter morning several months back was not easy. Tears rained off their cheeks and into their Cheerios while they insisted I couldn’t possibly understand how important Katie’s week at the resort was to them. (How funny it is when children think their parents haven’t lived long enough to experience a wide variety of disappointments.) For the past several years Katie, Camille, and Willow have been a trio tied at the hip during her time here. They dubbed themselves the “SPR Girls,” and each summer, they write new songs, come up with darling dance routines and creative costumes, and put on a performance for all the resort guests. These are the kind of kid performances that bring a lump to your throat and bumps to your skin because they are so incredibly precious. Each year I wonder how much longer these precious moments will last.

Katie’s going into high school. She’s a beautiful young woman—very polite and very sweet. She doesn’t mind hanging with the younger Willow and much younger Camille. Her mom and I worked together to find a way to get Katie up here for a visit, and we were so grateful that her parents were willing to not only let her come, but also agree to meet us half-way. Of all the friends who come and go each week of each summer in our revolving door lifestyle, she seems to be someone who will be a friend to my girls for life. I know it’ll be a great week with her here. Gee, I wonder where they are?

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