Fishing Freaks

(Monday, 27 August 2007) by Michele Cozzens

There are so many things to do at Sandy Point Resort, swimming, boating, water-skiing, playing disc golf, volleyball, basketball . . . and, of course, there’s fishing the waters of Squaw Lake. My girls, Willow and Camille, are now HOOKED.

Their favorite “cabin booty” (stuff left behind by the guests) has gone from frozen popsicles to refrigerated worms. They sniff out live bait like pigs hunting for truffles, and have learned to bait their own hooks and even, after too many trips to the dock by their dad, unhook their catch. Large mouth bass and small (smallies), perch, sunfish, and the occasional Northern have taken the bait. They believe they’ve dialed into all the lake’s hot spots. The best is just under one of our rafts, one close to shore known to them as the “white dock.” Our guests marvel at their skill, as they alternate between casting and diving in to cool off.

How do they go from barefoot, Northwoods fishergirls to fully-clothed, desert-dwelling schoolgirls in less than 24 hours? Our alarm will go off at 3AM and I’ll take them to the airport. A few hours later, their climate will change completely as they start school four days behind their classmates. I remain at the resort running things solo for eight days, before Mike and I switch positions. Never an easy time of year. And the most difficult thing? Watching my kids say good-bye to another wonderful summer at Sandy Point.

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