Model Children

(Monday, 09 June 2008) by Michele Cozzens



Willow and Camille have been earning their keep around Sandy Point Resort so far this season. Not only are they helping out in the shop and running messages--their usual chores--they're also making beds and cleaning bathrooms. For 13 years, I've wondered when this day would arrive.

When we first bought Sandy Point Resort, we didn't have children. I joked about hoping to give birth to a 16 year old boy in order to help out with all the chores. Turns out, teen-aged and adolescent girls are just as helpful. We just had to wait a few years.

At left Willow shows off another of her "skills," as a model for Dream Life Designs Jewelry. Featured is a four-strand turquoise nugget necklace. Available in the online shop. Willow and Camille have both been "model children." If you click on the menu bar where it reads SHOP and go to the jewelry department, you'll see our latest designs and their modeling efforts.


Have a gem of a week.



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