Rave Reviews!

(Thursday, 19 June 2008) by Michele Cozzens

rave.jpgAs we inch toward the summer solstice under mostly cloudy skies and temperatures that don't want to climb past the 60s, today was certainly the nicest day we've had at Sandy Point Resort this season. It was great to see the beach filled with children and their parents.

One group had a memorable experience when our RAVE trampoline swim raft broke loose from its anchor, and the kids atop floated off into the Squaw Lake horizon. They were easily rescued and the trampoline was brought to shore. It stayed there for about 24 hours and was never still.

Shown above is Willow and her friends, Andrew in the center and happily airborne, and Zac, taking advantage of every ray of sunshine. We're all ready to bounce into summer!

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