Follow-up on Broken Bones

(Friday, 20 June 2008) by Michele Cozzens

dsc04631.jpgOne week after Camille's bone setting surgery, she's recovering nicely. Thanks so much to all who've called and written inquiring about her progress. She came through the general anesthesia very well and for only a second in the recovery had a "Where Are We?" moment.

 Her hot pink cast above the elbow will be on until July 11 (just four days before her 11th birthday) and then she'll get a waterproof, below-the-elbow cast put on for two more weeks. We'll keep you posted, but I'll bet she'll be water-skiing with this new cast. As for now, she's found a way to enjoy the lake with broken bones, bless her heart.

One story that must be retold . . . when her five-year-old friend Nick, who is at the resort this week with his wonderful family, heard Camille had broken her arm, his first response to his mom was, "oh, is she DEAD?"

No, Camille is NOT dead and her broken arm is not much more than a HOT PINK trophy with hospital bills to come. Ugh. 

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