Vintage Coke Machine

(Monday, 23 June 2008) by Michele Cozzens

iconcoke.jpgToday we begin a tour of some of your favorite Sandy Point icons--the things you expect to see when you arrive, and remember when you leave.

Probably our most popular feature is the first thing you see when you pull up to our pro shop / office. It's our vintage Coke machine. A constant source of maintenance for us is a constant pleasure for all our guests. There's nothing like an ice cold Coke right out of the bottle. Kids start jingling their quarters about half-way down Sandy Point Lane, ready to insert them into the slot, wait for the "Have a COKE" like to turn on, and then pull the bottle.

This machine was in the basement of our house when we first moved to Sandy Point in the winter of 1993. The previous owners told us they didn't want it because "it didn't work." Mike quickly put his electrical skills to use and we had an operating machine. Next it was a matter of getting the right coin changer, which we once again had to replace in May. One of our disc golfers supplied a new one and a spare, and to keep up with the rising costs of the Coca-Cola Distributers out of Rhinelander, we were able to raise the price from 75¢ to $1.00 in order to try and cover our costs. 

As always, we can hardly keep it filled! 

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