A Musky Named George

(Tuesday, 24 June 2008) by Michele Cozzens



 GEORGE: 36 pounds, 51 inches

Call it a Fishtale, but this musky, affectionately known as "George," has a story. He was caught in the root beer waters of Squaw lake on October 8, 1970 by Robert A. Wilson. Mr. Wilson and his family had been coming to Squaw Lake and Sandy Point Resort since the 1930s. When we took over in 1993, we were just one more new owner in a long string of caretakers of this special place. We had the privilege of his company during our first couple years here but he passed away. The next summer, his widow and his son, Mike, asked if they could "bring George home." They bestowed George upon us and we were delighted to display him, along with Mr. Wilson's photo and George's stats. He has found a home in our pro shop, just above the front door. Each spring when the Wilson family, Robert's son, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, come to continue the fishing tradition (they're looking for George's wife, "Georgette"), they salute old George and fondly remember the man who captured him.

Sadly, Robert's son, Mike, a dear friend to Sandy Point, passed away over the winter. He will be sorely missed. But now each time we look at George, we'll also be thinking of Mike.

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