New Public Wash House

(Tuesday, 01 July 2008) by Michele Cozzens

29.jpgWe interrupt this Sandy Point icon tour with a NEW development. First there was the outhouse/earth closet, now there is the new public rest room. Our new wash house, which we've already given a variety of names (and have yet to settle on one), features a flushing toilet, a sink, and one of those World Hand Dryer Corporation blowers from Berkeley, Illinois that we've seen in public rest rooms all over the world for our entire lives! Yesterday we had a drinking fountain installed out front.

This is great news for disc golfers visiting Sandy Point Resort. The outhouse featured in a previous blog is now located on the course, between holes #17 and #18--just in case you miss the outhouse experience. And, of course, the old two-holer "Ye Olde Rumbletown Dump" is still located on the front part of the course between holes #3 and #9. Meanwhile, we're excited about our new outbuilding. Would you like to hear about how it was supposed to be completed by last Labor Day weekend for the Northwoods Open and how the budget for construction DOUBLED? I doubt it. So let me just give more good news. And this is for our resort guests.laundry1.jpg



On the other side of the toilet facility is a coin-operated washer and dryer. Since only one of our rental homes offers a washer/dryer (Lakeview Lodge), this is an amenity we've long wanted to offer our guests. When we first built cabin #3-1/2, "The Marq," it had a washer/dryer; however, due to overuse and, yes, abuse, it caused a flood in one of the bedrooms and we had to remove it. So now, with its own septic system and everything, guests no longer have to head to town to the laundromat to wash (or dry) those towels! 


















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