Trophy Fish: Oh! What a Show!

(Sunday, 06 July 2008) by Michele Cozzens



Check out the 40-inch prize muskie caught right out in front of our dock this morning (July 6, 2008). And we, Mike, Willow, a resort guest by the name of Sue and I, witnessed the entire catch.

Pictured is Matt from Belvidere, IL visiting Squaw Lake this weekend, staying with our new neighbors. He'd never caught a muskie prior to this visit and this was his third. It was by far, we're told, the biggest of the three. First we saw his line go taut and watched as he patiently reeled it in while his partner, Loren, readied the net. This monster put up a splashy fight before succumbing to the catch, and when they held it up for us to view, first we gasped and then we all broke into spontaneous applause.

They kept it long enough to snap a few photos and hold it against the measuring stick before releasing it back into Squaw Lake for the next lucky fisherman.

I've seen a lot of fish caught in this lake; however, never have I witnessed a better show at such close range. And this was right after the bald eagle circled above us for five minutes . . .

Northwoods cinema. Who needs TV? 

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