Ural in for a Treat

(Sunday, 20 July 2008) by Michele Cozzens

ural1.jpgOne of our regular disc golfers, a neighbor from Bill’s Lake by the name of Kurt Lange, who is pictured with the girls, often motors down Sandy Point Lane on his Ural Patrol, an olive green Russian motorcycle, complete with a sidecar, a machine gun (yes, a machine gun) and several bullet holes.

According to Kurt, this head-turner is a 1st place award winner in a show at Milwaukee’s House of Harley. It’s “not a replica,” he says, but a 2004 version of the M-72, a design first established in 1941 under Josef Stalin to supply the Russian Red Army with a combat motorcycle to use against the Germans.

Lange says the Russians actually stole German BMW technology and made it their own. The machines were built in a Siberian factory east of the Ural Mountains and are still manufactured there today.




ural2.jpgI don’t know much about the machine gun attached to the sidecar other than it wasn’t loaded, and it certainly didn’t produce the artistically rendered bullet holes decorating the fenders. Natasha, I mean Camille, happily grabbed hold of it while hanging out in the sidecar. After her adventures with Willow in the golf cart earlier this summer (which led to the broken arm not visible in photos) I wasn’t about to let them take it for a spin. But thanks to the very amiable and jocular Kurt Lange, they did learn a little bit about WWII history.


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